Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a Great Look!

Suntan, hair dye, esthetic surgery, make-up… That are all cheatings that humans use to improve their appearance. In our society, look became so much important that it seems like it’s all that matters. According to a research, the physical appearance is more important in urban zones, in which associating with good-looking people is a social choice. In this era of beauty and superficiality, appearance keeps growing in people's mind and getting worse. And that desire to be on top, people keeps considerate it as a need, has the only result to help companies become richer.

In our society of consumption, it’s hard to live without the media’s harassment. In magazines, they tell women what to buy to be as sexy as their favorite stars. On TV, they tell men what to have in their yard to be cooler than their neighbors. At school, kids are always under pressure when they see other children with brand clothes. All those little things made us believe that a good look can make our life happier and more successful. But we can't put the blame on anyone else than ourselves. If our mentality has become like that, it's because we wanted it that way. As the years had passed, the importance that we put in look grew in our mind and companies took advantage of it. The women wanted a «younger-looking» skin? L’Oreal created a new cream anti-age. More abs? Here comes the Ab King Pro! So, we put pressure on our shoulders by ourselves.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that in almost everything, the first impression that we make on people is important. In fact, when we meet someone for the first time, the first information that we perceive of that person is his physical appearance. Even before we meet him or her, just from a glance, we evaluate the kind of person we’ll have to deal with. We can guess his/her social environment, personality, qualities and defaults. So, for example, to get a job, it’s crucial to make a good impression on the employer. And the first thing that comes in mind when we want to make a good impression is to have a stunning look. With that obsession of looking good, we got ourselves into a vicious circle.

Finally, if we think about materials, are we better in this domain? When we'll get to the moments of life's decisions, will we need to get the best car to fit with our awesome house? Will we have to live in a neighborhood in which everyone's good-looking and perfect? Or worse, will we even search for the coolest garbage? Between you and me, nothing's better than a simple life without asking ourselves which color fit us better or which jeans make our butt sexier.

Words by Valérie Gagnon
; pictures by Mélissa Nguyen

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