Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Introduction + A Short Comment on Bilingualism in Canada

In a country as multicultural as Canada, conflict and tension amongst peoples is sure to ensue. We often hear of grandiose stories that borderline terrorism from specific populations that have links to their home country. Often times, these allegiances are extensions of religious interpretations but it may be conflicting ethnic differences or a number of any other reasons.

A Range of Cultures

Everybody knows that, multiculturalism is an integral part of Toronto’s charm and dynamism. «The most Multicultural City in the World» is precisely the name that the United Nations have given to the colourful city. And they are totally right about it. In fact, Statistics Canada related that 49.9% of Toronto’s population is foreign-born, which is more than Miami’s, Los Angeles’ and New York’s population, three other enormous ethnically diverse cities. More than 200 distinct foreign origins are located in Toronto, largely because it is the most popular Canadian destination for new immigrants: in 2006, 20% of them settled there. Chinese (11.4%), South Asian (12.0%), Black (8.4%) and Filipinos (4.1%) were at that time the main visible minorities. A lot of ethnic neighbourhoods although represent those ones and show how diversified the city. There is Chinatown, Greektown, Koreatown, Little Italy, Little India, Little Jamaica, Portugal Village...

Multiculturalism in Toronto

In Toronto there are 2.503.281 people. they are from different countries, they have different religion, race, culture, costumes… That is a wonderful thing, that mean s that Toronto has became a modern city. The society has progress, they become more open minded.

Live Green in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. The city has a lot to offer with all its tourist attractions. But with over 2.5 million residents, even if Toronto is considered as green, it is hard to keep it clean and hide the pollution effects. This is why several programs have been established to reduce the Torontonians effects on the environment and to make become Toronto a greener city.

Multicultural Equality?

Living in a multicultural environment can sometimes be hard. We have to learn to respect other cultures and integrate these people to our society. Unfortunately, these differences can cause conflict among us, since what is different sometimes scare other people. Fortunately, in general, Canada’s government and people are usually very comprehensive and welcoming. As I said before, it can be difficult to share our land with people who have different beliefs and culture, but it also creates a mesh in between the population. Some think we are too accommodant, other think we are not enough. Where is the line we most not cross? When will it be too late? When will we have lost our own culture?

The Ethics Concerning Pet Shops

Some people tend to forget that animals are really sensitive to feelings and emotions. Look at their faces, tails, bodies and, most importantly, their eyes, if you pay attention persons are more likely to categorize the animals "things” than a living being. Thousands of animals are bought at some places in the world everyday and could you guess how many of them will end up? No, you can't and neither can I, but we can do our best to decrease the number of abandoned, neglected and killed pets. My point is: should we severe laws related to Pet shop?

Canada: Open-minded?

Canada is a multicultural country and it is its diversity that makes it a unique and a good country where to live. It is a good example that we are constantly showing to the rest of the world. We are able to do what a lot of other countries can't do: living peacefully with different people who have different cultures. There would probably be less war in the world if everybody was like that. We are very open-minded and it is like that, that we learn new things from the others. It is our differences who make us strong and proud of our nation. Of course, it would be utopic to say that everything is perfect in Canada. Sometimes, exaggeration can create problem in our society.

The hard life of High-end sneaker Shops in Toronto

High-end sneakers have always found its place on the market of Toronto with a not too big but big enough part of consumers searching for stylish shoes. Their really unique style and good mix of colors make them attractive enough for some to worth affording the high price that comes with them, although it’s not the opinion of the major part of the Torontonian consumers, and that has become a big problem for the shops that sell those kind of shoes since the recent recession.

Tourism in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, with a population of 2.503.281 inhabitants, is the biggest city of Canada. Toronto also has a good transport red with buses and subways.

The Debate on Yoga

Many countries in the world have a good way to relax and to eliminate the stress. It’s called Yoga. This form of relaxing activity has some good effects but some bad too.

Coffee: Friend or Enemy?

Nowadays, people are confronted to many issues regarding our society because industrial companies are developing themselves. By expanding their inventions, citizens are bombarded with many new products and they do not recognize the good things. One of the most basic but important product that we use everyday is the coffee. Does it belong among our friends or enemies? Throughout the past years, numerous researches have been uploaded with new information about this product. Coffee is actually a great item for consumption when it is used in consideration and not in excessive amounts.

Fashion Pressure

Advertisements, models, video clips, super star, clothes, fashion, makeup, magazines, internet, these are all pressures that little girls, teenagers and women have to live with every day. We always had a preoccupation for bodily perfection, children soon begin to perceive that things like nudity, sexual promiscuity and backstabbing to get ahead are okay. If girls are not like these women that we see in pictures, guys are not going to go out with them, they will be unpopular and they are not going to have a friend, that’s what companies try to make them believed. They are there to make money and girls are the perfect costumers. If the ad is interesting and will make them young or beautiful, they will believe what they will see and hear in the advertisements.

What a Great Look!

Suntan, hair dye, esthetic surgery, make-up… That are all cheatings that humans use to improve their appearance. In our society, look became so much important that it seems like it’s all that matters. According to a research, the physical appearance is more important in urban zones, in which associating with good-looking people is a social choice. In this era of beauty and superficiality, appearance keeps growing in people's mind and getting worse. And that desire to be on top, people keeps considerate it as a need, has the only result to help companies become richer.


Since many years, the Toronto transit commission (TTC) manages a network of public transportation that is used by a big share of the citizens of Toronto and that is today the third most used in North America. That is why this article will speak about this organization, as an example of large scale public transportation system that, at my opinion, works well, by being very efficient and cost-effective.

Toronto and Immigration

Immigration is defined as the movements of the population to other countries; in this case y will talk about the massive Toronto immigration during the last fifty years due to politic causes or as a result of the studies of the immigrant population.