Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Debate on Yoga

Many countries in the world have a good way to relax and to eliminate the stress. It’s called Yoga. This form of relaxing activity has some good effects but some bad too.

Usually, the yoga is practiced in a group with a teacher who explains what you have to do. The Yoga is an activity that you have to do positions and it always finishes by a quiet meditation. The length of Yoga is between 60 to 90 minutes and the goal of this is to be relaxed and have more concentration. During all the positions, you have to be concentrated and you have to breathe when the yoga teacher tells you. The breathing is important. You have to do it at the good time if you want to have the best benefits. The meditation in yoga helps to calm your body and spirit and you’re supposed to do that at the end of the activity. There are more than 100 positions in yoga but you’re not obligated to do all of them.

The yoga is for all and most of people do that to lower the level of stress or anxiety. But there are also others benefices like it contributes to the asthma treatment, it improves the cardiovascular health, it helps the people who have cancer, it contributes in the treatment of drug addiction, it improves the cardiorespiratory capacity, it contributes to the depression treatment, etc. All of these benefits have been studied with a big control and only professionals did the researches because sometime, the health of the person can be in case like for the study on epileptic’s people. If we take this study, we can see that with the yoga, the frequency of the crises decrease. It’s awesome when we think about all of these benefits for the health and all thinks that the yoga can do on you!

There are another side of this relaxing activity. The sociologist Marie-Josée Croteau affirms that the yoga can be dangerous for the people. During an interview in a scientific magazine, she told us that the bad effects can be psychological as physical. The Mrs. Croteau’s studies affirm that for some adepts of yoga, they develop psychological symptoms like hearing and visual hallucinations, paranoia, excitement and aggressiveness. Also there’s some case of temporary or permanent depersonalization. For the physical part, it’s only if the person doesn’t do stretching before doing yoga. So the symptoms can be a tearing of cartilages, a muscular strain or sprains and pains in the neck and in the back.

To be safe, the person has to do some stretching before each period of yoga. Like that, the physical symptom can be eliminated. It a good way to improve your health and to low the psychological symptoms like stress, anxiety and depression. There are more good things than bad things so why not continue with this practice? Most of the doctors tell their patients to do yoga when it can be positive for their health. Let’s continue in this way!

Words by Marie-Ève Harvey; photos by Geneviève Charrier Lamontagne

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