Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tourism in Toronto

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, with a population of 2.503.281 inhabitants, is the biggest city of Canada. Toronto also has a good transport red with buses and subways.

Toronto has a lot of touristic places, for example, CN Tower, Rogers Centre, Eaton Centre, Niagara Falls, and much more.

CN Tower: located in Downtown, and built in 1975 and opened to the public on August of 1976, is 553 meters high. Is the tallest free-standing structure on land of the world. Is also a symbol of Canada. The panoramic sights and the glass-floor turn her in unique all over the world. The construction costs 330 million $. Inside of the CN Tower there’s also a 360 degrees restaurant with sights of the city.

Rogers Centre: Built between the years 1986 and 1989, is a multi-sport stadium, placed next to the CN Tower, and is the stadium of the Toronto Blue Jays of Baseball, and the Toronto Argonauts of football, both of them play on the American league. On Rogers Centre also takes part too much events like for example the soccer match between Inter de Milan (Italy) and Panathinaikos (Greece). Rogers Centre also has a hotel attached to it. His retractable roof makes it completely revolutionary.

Eaton Centre: is a shop mall placed in Downtown, Toronto, with his own subway station. Is the most visited place in Toronto, with almost one million of visitors per week. It contains 230 stores, between which are Abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Nike……

Niagara Falls: placed in the border between Canada and the USA, they are at 75 miles from Toronto. It’s on of the most touristic place of Canada, because oh the nearness with Toronto and because of the activities offered, for example: taking a boat that goes in to the Falls, go to Marine land, an aquatic zoo, a lot of shops and restaurants, cinemas…..

Glendon College: placed on Bayview Avenue, Glendon College is during the summer the meeting point of too much people from Québec, Spain, Italy….. In this summer course they come to learn English, meet new people and have fun. They have classes during the morning until lunch time. After lunch is turn for Seminary and Workshops. Then, team meetings on Monday, activities on the court. Wednesday afternoon, trip. Saturdays and Sundays, cool trips.

Science Centre: placed next to the campus, Science Centre is not a common “museum", because the visitors takes part in all the experiments, like for example doing paper planes, playing with the wind, the water, there was also an IMAX, where we saw a film related to astronauts and the space. There was also a new 3D film about Harry Potter and an exhibition with eagles and falcons.

Toronto is a perfect city to see like a tourist because of the friendly people and because of the many places to visit, it’s awesome. From my view point, I really like it.

Words by Iñigo Soler; photos by Samuel Drouin

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