Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Ethics Concerning Pet Shops

Some people tend to forget that animals are really sensitive to feelings and emotions. Look at their faces, tails, bodies and, most importantly, their eyes, if you pay attention persons are more likely to categorize the animals "things” than a living being. Thousands of animals are bought at some places in the world everyday and could you guess how many of them will end up? No, you can't and neither can I, but we can do our best to decrease the number of abandoned, neglected and killed pets. My point is: should we severe laws related to Pet shop?

“Lucky Fish & Water Pet Shop has apparently been selling rabbits and undersized turtles without offering even one sentence of instruction for impulse buyers about how to properly care for these sensitive and complex animals.”, says the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) on their website. This negligible from the Pet Shop leads to different pets abuses. Owners get easily bored when pets are too complicated to take care, imagine when they receive no instructions and procedures?

"In Tennessee, 150 overheated puppies, who were traveling from a Missouri puppy mill to pet stores on the East Coast, were found in a cargo truck without air conditioning; four died.” said the PETA organism. There are so many points that should be review regarding to Pet Shop: the transports, the feeding, the sale and as well as many others. We could go on like this all year long and reveal pets abuses related to Pet Shop sale but what’s the point?

Instead, we should definitely stop ignoring what's happening in front of us and start acting. How can we transform those words into actions? Easy, you should stop buying animals sold for the pet-shop trade. Regarding to PETA, there is millions of unwanted dogs and cats who die every year in animal shelters. The best way to find a life companion within the canine kind is to go by yourself in a dog breeding. Then, you should avoid giving pets as a gift even if it is a fish, it still needs weekly cares and instead it would receive a lifetime of suffering, unloved and unwanted. If you give pets to children, you ought to those animals to supervised there treatments. Also, many people developed a passion regarding to “exotic” animals and as the PETA organism says: You'd Be Psychotic to Get An “Exotic”. It is really harmful for those animals said the organism: "Every year, many people purchase “exotic” animals, like hedgehogs, macaws, monkeys (even tigers and bears) from pet shops or auctions to keep as “pets.” But life in captivity is a death sentence for countless “exotic” animals who suffer from malnutrition, improper care and environment, loneliness, and the stress of confinement”.

To conclude, you should be careful! You must double-check the information you received when you bought your pets and, most of all, make sure you give all the care they need. I strongly recommend that you avoid Pet Shop and, instead, visit small breeders.

Words by Laurence Verreault-Laprise; photos by Dominique Mercille

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